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Phusion Passenger 2.1.3 released.

Phusion Passenger 2.1.3 released. - 元RX-7乗りの適当すぎる日々 を含むブックマーク はてなブックマーク - Phusion Passenger 2.1.3 released. - 元RX-7乗りの適当すぎる日々 Phusion Passenger 2.1.3 released. - 元RX-7乗りの適当すぎる日々 のブックマークコメント


Bug Fixリリースだけど、いくつか気になるものも多い。

The following things have changed since 2.1.2:

* If a backend process sends a response that doesn’t contain a “Status” header, then Phusion Passenger will crash. This problem is caused by a small typo, and has been fixed.
* Fixed permission problems which prevents file uploads from working properly when PassengerUserSwitching is turned off.
* Fixed a Rake-related problem on Ruby 1.9.
* The gem is now Ruby 1.9-compatible as well, so if you type “gem install passenger” on Ruby 1.9 then it will work.
* Fixed compilation problems on Linux-Sparc.
* Fixed compilation problems on NetBSD. Patch contributed by yui.naruse.
* Fixed compilation problems on AIX. Patch contributed by pedzsan.
* Fixed “bad file descriptor” problems on x86_64 OS X and ppc64 OS X.
* Fixed a few problems in the dependency detection part of the installer.
* Minor improvements in fatal error handling.
* Documentation improvements.
* Minor usability improvements in the error pages.
トラックバック - http://blo.g.hatena.ne.jp/rx7/20090331