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Phusion Passenger 2.2.3 released - Bug Fix Edition

Phusion Passenger 2.2.3 released - Bug Fix Edition - 元RX-7乗りの適当すぎる日々 を含むブックマーク はてなブックマーク - Phusion Passenger 2.2.3 released - Bug Fix Edition - 元RX-7乗りの適当すぎる日々 Phusion Passenger 2.2.3 released - Bug Fix Edition - 元RX-7乗りの適当すぎる日々 のブックマークコメント



* Fixed sub-URI deployments for Rails 2.2+ apps

* Fixed many compilation problems

* [Apache] Ability to pass environment variables via mod_env directives

* [Apache] Fixed many unintended “Broken pipe” I/O problems

* [Nginx] Fixed several Nginx restarting-related bugs

* [Nginx] If passenger_root is not set, then Nginx will disable Phusion Passenger instead of exiting with an error

* [Nginx] Fixed page cache file serving.

* [Nginx] Fixed Nginx 0.7 compatibility

* [Nginx] STDOUT and STDERR are now correctly redirected to the Nginx log file; fixes “Input/Output Error” (EIO) problems

* Fixed displaying of information written to STDERR by the application during startup.

* Fixed restarting of the ApplicationSpawner server

* [Apache] Improved file upload error messages

* [Apache] Improved I/O error messages

* Log application startup errors to the web server log file

* Fixed file upload support on Ruby 1.9

* [Nginx] Fixed some client connection problems by increasing the HelperServer’s connection backlog to the maximum possible value

* [Apache] TMPDIR is no longer set automatically

* [Nginx] Fixed WSGI support

* passenger-status no longer shows backtraces by default

* Various Rack specification compliance fixes.

* Fixed a potential security problem in the random number generator

* [Apache] New configuration option: PassengerUploadBufferDir

* [Apache] Fixed “Socket not connection” (ECONN) errors

* [Nginx] passenger-install-nginx-module: do not crash if unable to write to the Passenger root directory

* [Nginx] passenger-install-nginx-module now downloads Nginx 0.6.37 by default

* Improved test coverage

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