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lighttpd 1.4.23 released.

lighttpd 1.4.23 released. - 元RX-7乗りの適当すぎる日々 を含むブックマーク はてなブックマーク - lighttpd 1.4.23 released. - 元RX-7乗りの適当すぎる日々 lighttpd 1.4.23 released. - 元RX-7乗りの適当すぎる日々 のブックマークコメント





* Added some extra warning options in cmake and fix the resulting warnings (unused/static functions)

* New lighttpd man page (moved it to section 8) (fixes #1875)

* Create rrd file for empty rrdfile in mod_rrdtool (#1788)

* Fix workaround for incorrect path info/scriptname if fastcgi prefix is ”/” (fixes #729)

* Finally removed spawn-fcgi

* Allow xattr to overwrite mime type (fixes #1929)

* Remove link from errormsg about fastcgi apps (fixes #1942)

* Strip trailing dot from “Host:” header

* Remove the optional port info from SERVER_NAME (thx Mr_Bond)

* Fix mod_proxy RoundRobin (off by one problem if only one backend is up)

* Rename configure.in to configure.ac, with small cleanups (fixes #1932)

* Add proper SUID bit detection (fixes #416)

* Check for regular file in mod_cgi, so we don’t try to start directories

* Include mmap.h from chunk.h to fix some problems with #define mmap mmap64 (fixes #1923)

* Add support for pipe logging for server.errorlog (fixes #296)

* Add revision number to package version for svn/git checkouts

* Use server.tag for SERVER_SOFTWARE if configured (fixes #357)

* Fix trailing zero char in REQUEST_URI after “strip-request-uri” in mod_fastcgi

* mod_magnet: Add env[“request.remote-ip”] (fixes #1740)

* mod_magnet: Add env[“request.path-info”]

* Change name/version separator back to ”/” (affects every place where the version is printed)

* Fix bug with FastCGI request id overflow under high load; just use always id 1 as we don’t use multiplexing. (thx jgray)

* Add some dirlisting enhancements (fixes #1458)

* Add option to enable TCP_DEFER_ACCEPT (fixes #1447)

* Limit amount of bytes read for one read-event (fixes #1070)

* Add evasive.silent option (fixes #1438)

* Make mod_extforward headers configurable (fixes #1545)

* Add ’%_’ pattern for complete hostname in mod_evhost (fixes #1737)

* Add IPv6 support to mod_proxy (fixes #1537)

* mod_ssi printenv: print cgi env, add environment vars to cgi env (fixes #1713)

* Fix error message if no auth backend was set

* Fix SERVER_NAME port stripping (fixes #1968)

* Fix x-sendfile 2gb limiting (fixes #1970)

* Fix mod_cgi environment keys mangling (fixes #1969)

* Fix workaround for incorrect path info/scriptname if scgi prefix is ”/” (fixes #729)

* Fix max-age value in mod_expire for ‘modification’ (fixes #1978)

* Fix evasive.silent option (#1438)

* Fix mod-fastcgi counters

* Modify fastcgi error message

* Backup errno for later usage (reported by Guido Reina via mailinglist)

* Improve FastCGI performance (fixes #1999)

* Workaround broken operating systems: check for trailing ’/’ in filenames (fixes #1989)

* Allow using pcre with cross-compiling (pcre-config got fixed; fixes #1986)

* Addlighty.req_env” table to mod_magnet for setting/getting environment values for cgi (fixes #1967, thx presbrey)

* Fix segfault in mod_expire after failed config parsing (fixes #1992)

* Add ssi.content-type option (default text/html, fixes #615)

* Add support for “real” entropy from /dev/[u]random (fixes #1977)

* Adding support for additional chars in LDAP usernames (fixes #1941)

* Ignore multiple “If-None-Match” headers (only use first one, fixes #753)

* Fix 100% cpu usage if time() < 0 (thx to gaspa and cate, fixes #1964)

* Allow max-keep-alive-requests to depend on conditional (fixes #1881)

* Make dependency on svnversion/git optional (for devel versionstamp, fixes #2009)

1.4.23 - Leaving the nest - Lighttpd - fly light


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QCon Tokyo 2009の講演資料が公開されている

QCon Tokyo 2009の講演資料が公開されている - 元RX-7乗りの適当すぎる日々 を含むブックマーク はてなブックマーク - QCon Tokyo 2009の講演資料が公開されている - 元RX-7乗りの適当すぎる日々 QCon Tokyo 2009の講演資料が公開されている - 元RX-7乗りの適当すぎる日々 のブックマークコメント




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